custom ROMs give you the opportunity to explore brand new designs. They can also offer new and very impressive features like in build theme manager,pop-up notifications and maney more things. check out our list of the best custom ROMs for Android.

custom ROMs give you the opportunity to explore brand new designs. They can also offer new and very impressive features like in build theme manager,pop-up notifications and maney more things.

check out our list of the best custom ROMs for Android.

Video Recording working in 1080p
YouTube Quality fixed
Move to SD fixed
Screen Recording fixed
FM Radio added
Can’t select contact wallpaper fixed
Battery Backup improved
Better RAM management
Latest CAPPS added
WiFi Working
Bluetooth Working
Data connection Working
WiFi Hotspot Working
Apps Icon in Toast Notification
Pre Rooted
CM12/12.1 Themes Fully Supported
Shared Internal Storage & App Storage
Smooth & Lag Free
Camera Working
Double tap to sleep
Advanced Reboot menu
Contact sync working
GPS fully working
VPN working
Multi-Users supported
#2 . Paranoid Android:

  • Paranoid Android has CyanogenMod’s theme support and virtually any CM13 theme from the Google Play Store should work on this ROM.
  • System-wide Immersive Mode is still present and you can set the status bar and navigation bar to disappear pretty much whenever you want it to. It will reappear when you swipe up from the bottom or down from the top just like it usually does.
  • The ROM also retains support for layers. If you want to know more about that, we took a closer look in our Diving Into Android M series.
  • The power menu has been altered to include a reboot option, a screenshot option, and an Airplane Mode toggle.
  • Interestingly, the ROM doesn’t appear to come with root access by default.You’ll likely want to flash the latest along with the ROM (and Gapps!) if you want to keep root.
  • It’s also worth noting that there are additional features for OnePlus and OPPO owners, such as gestures and more involved kernel features.
#3 . MIUI ROM:
Access over 5,000 beautiful MIUI themes for your phone, each artfully designed by renowned designers to customize your phone the way you want it to be. 
Mi Space also breaks the icon's traditional grid layout to bring new ways for you to interact with your phone. 
It allows the interface to be intertwined with your favorite game or another realm.
#4 . PAC-ROM:
1.All in One Rom [Core features from PA, AOKP and CM]
2.PAC in Black
3.Status bar tweaks
4.Quick Settings Panel tweaks
5.Notification Drawer tweaks
6.Lockscreen Notifications
7.Active Display
9.Gesture Anywhere
10.Init.d scripts
11.Build.prop Mods
12.Statusbar Weather
13.Recents RAM Bar
14.PAC Console
#5 . AOKP:

AOKP stands for Android Open Kang Project. It is a custom ROM distribution for several high-end Android devices. The name is a play on the word kang andAOSP (Android Open Source Project). The name was sort of a joke, but it just stuck, just like our infatuation with unicorns.
We fork the source code of Android that Google puts out in the open with every major version release, and we then add the magical unicorn bytes (read: we add some of the coolest features that are both useful and make your ROMawesome).
With AOKP, you can generally do a lot more with your device than what you could do with the original firmware that came installed on it.

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